Olivia's Story

It started at the age of 21 when I became pregnant with his baby. He lied to me from the beginning, he was married with a few kids. I left and that’s when the nightmare began. 

I was stalked and harassed for months. I finally had the courage to get a protection order to save my life. He was served and the day he was served, he broke into my house asking me to come back. He told me he was going to kill me and our child, he was going to leave his wife for me, and our live will be better together. After being raped at 7 months pregnant, he finally left after I told him that we will get back together. I felt trapped, helpless with nowhere to go. I’m 7 months pregnant on bedrest, when he raped me, he damaged my insides. What do you do with no one to turn too? I had our son early and he had to stay in NICU. He never came to the hospital to see about me or our son. I wanted out but needed help with doing so.

When my son was able to come home, I decided to leave the city. I researched how to come up with a safety plan so my son and I could leave without being killed. I reached out to several domestic violence shelters. Kym called me back and was able to help me execute my plan. We worked with another shelter in my new city. It’s been hard but I am grateful to those who have helped me.

Ladies, know your worth! I’m in counseling once a month to help me with anxiety and depression. My son is doing good, he keeps me going.

Best, “Olivia”


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