My Journey to Healing

I was one of those individuals that didn’t recognize that I was in an abusive relationship. Why you ask?! I didn’t have any bruises. He never put his hands on me. Unbeknownst to me, the mental, emotional, and verbal abuse was real!

Growing up, I never saw my father hit my mother; but the verbal abuse was there. No affection, very stern, and we always lived in fear. The only good quality my father had was that he was a good provider.

This story is far too common.

When we experience trauma and are lacking from things in our childhood, we run to the first thing that makes us feel familiar. Often times, we end up with the wrong man/woman because we are trying to fulfill a need inside of us.

We need to recognize our own trauma and work to fix them before entering into a new relationship.

Yes, we want to be loved but not at the cost of losing ourselves to the wrong person.


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