I Am Enough!

I want to start off saying we as women need to love ourselves more, if we did, we wouldn’t put up with the shit men send us through.
Hi, my name is “T”, and I am a domestic violence survivor/warrior. We are taught in the Black community that “what happens at home stays at home.” So, I never said anything about the abuse that I endured. I grew up with it in my home. When my mom boyfriend would get drunk, he would beat her just because. Yes, she would leave them, but she was a magnet for abusers. I’ve seen my uncles beat their girlfriend’s and wives. The cycle never ended.
So, at the age of 17 I started dating “Juan.” One day I was at his home visiting when his mother’s boyfriend came over. He made some sexual advances towards me. His mother blamed me for trying to “seduce” him. “Juan” slapped me so hard; I saw stars. I left right then and there! He apologized but I wasn’t haven’t it! I refuse to live like my mother did. I never got into another relationship until I was 22. I went to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling good. Come to find out I caught HPV. That’s when I discovered my boyfriend had been cheating on me. He blamed me for everything, I wasn’t pretty enough, thick enough, educated enough but I knew better.
I am ENOUGH! I rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t value themselves let alone me.
Thank you for listening

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