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I watch my mother get her ass beat on a daily. She would have us run and hide while he was terrorizing her. We dealt with this for years with each boyfriend she brought in the house. I hated life at times!

After graduating I was able to escape being traumatize daily. My best friend and I moved in together. Life was great so I thought. I come home one day; my best friend had bruises all over her body. I asked her what happened, and she lied straight to my face. I know abuse when I see abuse! She finally confessed, we talked it out and I reminded her the trauma I went through as a child. Six months later, I get a phone call that she had been shot. I rush to the hospital to see all the tubes coming from every direction. It's hard to put things in perspective. As I reflect on that day, we question what I could have done better to get her out of this toxic relationship. At the end of the day, I can only stand by to watch her go through her abuse until she was ready to leave. She spent 3 months in the hospital. When it got closer to her being released, I looked for organizations that can help people leaving. She was not going back to our apartment!

I called, emailed and dm organizations on social media. This is during the beginning of the pandemic and when I say no one had a bed, shelter, money or even food!! I was taken back on the lack of resources for women. Now, I really understand why my mother never left no resources available. I’m not sure how I came across Quality Day Foundation, because I had reached out to so many. She was able to provide her with a bus pass to our home state. Thank you for helping my friend during her time in need. She still has some daily struggles with the bullet still in her back but overall, she is well.

Whoever is reading our story, please believe a survivor and have some type of resources for them.



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