Carlos's Wife

I really don’t know where to start... I have so many stories to tell, I been with Carlos for over 15 years. I met Carlos in high school and fell in love the first day. I was so smitten with him, his looks, the way he talked and how he dressed. He was one of the popular kids in school. One weekend we were hanging out with a group of friends, Rick decided to make a slick comment about my dress that threw Carlos into a rage. A rage I’ve never seen before. He started cussing me out in front of everyone and when I said something smart back, he slapped the shit out of me! No one said anything or did anything, like they were used to seeing him hit his girls or something. We left immediately after it happen, he called me all types of names and then later in the night he apologies for his actions. He said what Rick said made him angry. He promised he wouldn’t do it again and I forgave him.

This was the first red flag, but I loved him, I knew what his home life was like, and I wanted him to know that I love him no matter what and I would never leave. We got married and had a son. Life seemed to be going good for a while, then one day I discovered he was cheating on me with a neighbor. When I confronted him with all the evidence, he couldn’t deny it. It threw him in a fit of rage! He pistols whipped me damn near to death. I had a few broken bones with bruises all over my body. I don’t think it was a part of my body that wasn’t bruised. He was arrest and charged with battery, not attempt of murder. He was able to get out in 6 months. He moved in with the neighbor and started threatening to kill me and our son. I went underground for help. I wasn’t ready to die!

Ladies, please stop ignoring the red flags! We can’t save them! I am still in fear for my life, I do have a protection order again him for my son and me. I live in a different state, have my conceal and carry and trying to find my peace.


Carlos’s Wife

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