Believe the EX!

 Let me tell you what’s crazy... I was told by “Tony’s” ex-girlfriend to leave him alone. She said she barely escaped with her life. When he doesn’t get his way, he will slap you. Girl, he wouldn’t do me like that because he knows better. They only do it to weak minded females; until it happened to me. I was cooking dinner and I asked him for something, he got smart, and I kept talking but this time he told me to shut the f**k up! It's like he turned into someone else, he never talked to me like that, and we’ve been dating for well over a year. When I turned around all I saw was his fist coming to my face. He knocked me out cold. When I came to, he told me to never talk to him like that again and I was forced to have “make up sex.”

I played it off for a few days until he was out of my sight. I left with the little stuff I had and filed a protection order against him. The day he was served is the day my life took a turn for the worse. I changed my number a few times, I had to move in with a friend and quit my job. Why do they get away with all of this and we are the ones that suffer?! Yes, I was warned but we all know we try to change them when we know damn well, we can’t! He won’t change no matter how many times he says it or all the gifts he buys. He’s not worth it! Your life matters! Get out the first time you see a red flag because it’s there. I still must look over my shoulder, I don’t date, nor do I want too.

I heard he’s in jail for beating his last girlfriend to near death. Ladies, your life matters! Know your worth!




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